Memorial Sleep Disorders Center Receives 5-Year Re-accreditation

Memorial Sleep Disorders Center has been granted a 5-year re-accreditation by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). It is the only accredited sleep center in St. Joseph County. As an official AASM accredited Center, Memorial’s program has been proven to provide the highest quality of patient care and improve quality of life.

“As medical director of the Memorial Sleep Disorders Center, I am proud of our accomplishments towards the health of our community on sleep related issues,” says Gary Fromm, M.D. “I also believe we have a great sleep center because we have superb support from technical staff, administrative staff, and our physicians.”

A sleep disorder can result in daytime sleepiness, impaired memory and an inability to concentrate. It can affect long-term health by contributing to depression, cardiovascular problems and other health issues.

Contact Memorial's Sleep Disorders Center at 574-647-1850 or visit to learn more about the symptoms of sleep disorders and to take the sleep quiz. The Center is located at 53990 Carmichael Drive, Suite 150, in South Bend.

The AASM is committed to ensuring that those in the field of sleep medicine provide excellent health care and enhance the awareness of sleep as an important element for health, public safety, and quality of life.



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