Memorial First in the Region to Offer Echocardiograms with High School Sports Physicals

Physicians from Memorial’s Sports Medicine Institute and Memorial Advanced Cardiovascular Institute have teamed up to provide specialized echocardiograms and EKGS for those with certain risk factors during high school sports physicals.

This world-class level of care now being offered to young athletes during annual sports physicals will allow anyone with significant cardiac risk factors or a worrisome heart murmur to have access to Memorial’s on-site cardiologist and an echocardiogram if risk factors for heart problems are present. Screenings will take place at the following times and will cost only $15:

  • May 24, 3 p.m. at Clay High School
  • May 25, 3 p.m. at Riley High School
  • May 26, 3 p.m. at Washington High School

“By offering this advanced level of care to South Bend’s athletic youth, we are ensuring that these kids play sports safely and healthily,” said Dr. Mark E. Lavallee, M.D., director of the Sports Medicine Institute. “Memorial is clearly dedicated to the health of the South Bend youth; we are one of the very few in the nation to offer such comprehensive services, which can detect such problems as arrhythmia or cardiac abnormalities.”



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