Memorial Expands da Vinci Robotic Surgery Program

Memorial Hospital has expanded its da Vinci robotic surgery program with an upgrade from the da Vinci S system to the da Vinci Si system and the addition of a second Si unit and a Skills Simulator unit. Memorial is the first hospital in the state to offer the Skills Simulator and only the second hospital in the state to offer a dual-console approach.

The new system enables the Surgical Services team to run two rooms at the same time, and the dual console capability enhances training and allows two surgeons to collaborate during a procedure.

The Skills Simulator enhances and simplifies surgeon training with real-time feedback and progress tracking to improve proficiency. The Simulator looks and feels like the real thing, but instead of using physical instruments, surgeons get to train with virtual needles and objects. By providing a controlled re-creation of critical steps in instrument control, simulation allows surgeons to practice their skills in a non-clinical environment that once required expensive models or cadavers for learning. Over time, surgeons can track their progress on the device and work to improve their skills before they use it on patients.

“By investing in the Da Vinci Si, Memorial has again shown that it is committed to using the most advanced technology to care for our patients. The new simulator also promotes the vital continuing education our providers seek,” said Michael Rodriguez, MD, Medical Director for the program.

Memorial’s commitment to the da Vinci program began in early 2007, and has expanded to now include 14 da Vinci-trained surgeons performing procedures at Memorial.

About Memorial Hospital & Health System
Memorial Hospital & Health System is a community-owned, not-for-profit corporation based in South Bend, Indiana. It is governed by volunteer representatives of the community guided by a mission to improve the quality of life for the people of our community. Services include inpatient care in the licensed 526-bed Memorial Hospital, outpatient care, primary physician care, urgent care, home care and educational programs for adults and children.

About the da Vinci Surgical System
The da Vinci Surgical System is developed by Intuitive Surgical Inc. Intuitive Surgical, Inc. is the global technology leader in robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery. The company’s da Vinci Surgical System offers surgeons superior visualization, enhanced dexterity and greater precision compared to traditional surgical approaches. More than 500,000 patients worldwide affected by a range of conditions have had a da Vinci procedure. The da Vinci System enables surgeons to perform even complex procedures such as open-heart surgery through 1-2 cm incisions.



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