Memorial Begins New Pharmacy Practice Residency Program

Memorial Hospital of South Bend has begun a new initiative by offering a pharmacy residency program that will help meet national demand for highly trained pharmacists. The new residency program began in July, and typically takes just over a year to complete. Residents will be certified by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP).

The residency program, which is monitored by the ASHP, will have multi-faceted benefits. Patients will benefit from the latest training that the residents bring with them from some of the nation’s best pharmacy schools. The residents will benefit from learning important techniques that can only be acquired on the job.

Residents are scheduled on 4-week rotations, starting with the inpatient pharmacy to get them acclimated to the hospital setting. They then do rotations in other areas, including ambulatory care, internal medicine and critical care units. The residents will look at the modification of therapy, and how specific drugs can impact patients to help them heal faster and improve patient outcomes.

Learn more about the residency program and apply to become a resident.



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