Free Vision Screening for Children

Memorial’s Navarre Pediatric Group, along with the Indiana Lions Eye & Tissue Transplant Bank’s Operation Kidsight is conducting a free vision screening for children ages 1-6. The screenings will take place on Saturday, June 11 from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. at 100 Navarre Place, Suite 4440 in South Bend. The process is painless and only takes a few seconds; it is 85-90 percent effective in detecting certain vision problems in children.

Undiagnosed, and therefore untreated, vision issues may cause a child’s eyes to deteriorate to the point of irreversible blindness. Even problems that are less severe can still lead to academic or social issues once a child begins attending school.

Binod Balakrishnan, M.D. of Navarre Pediatric Group says that amblyopia, which affects the way information is transmitted from the eye to the brain, is the most common cause of blindness in children. Dr.Balakrishnan does have good news, though. “Early detection,” he explains, “vastly improves the prognosis for children with amblyopia.”

Dr. Balakrishnan will be joined by Daniel Kinney, M.D. and Charisse Johnson, M.D. of Navarre Pediatric Group to perform the screenings. They will meet with new patients, including expectant mothers, and the patients will receive the book, “Your Baby’s First Year,” as a free gift.



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