Adventures in Babysitting Classes

June 24, 2011 -- Memorial HealthWorks! Kids’ Museum is hosting two sessions of its “Adventures in Babysitting” child care training classes for 11-15 year old boys and girls. The sessions run between June 13-17 and August 8-12. Those who successfully complete the course will receive a Safe Sitter certificate.

“Adventures in Babysitting” will help parents solve two interrelated problems of summer vacation: how to keep teenage children responsibly employed and what to do with younger children while parents are at work.

The United States’ Bureau of Labor Statistics underlines the importance of good childcare. According to the BLS, those caring for children “must anticipate and prevent problems, deal with disruptive children, provide fair but firm discipline, and be enthusiastic and constantly alert.” These are serious responsibilities considering the age of most babysitters. Therefore, the sessions will teach participants:

  • How to handle life-threatening scenarios
  • CPR skills
  • How to understand and deal with children of all ages
  • The business aspects of babysitting
  • Simple skills such as diapering

The cost is only $125 for the full week and includes a trip to La Petite Academy and the Safe Sitter certificate.

To learn more about the program or to register, call 574-647-2683 or visit



Jennifer Warfel Juszkiewicz
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