Community Outreach

Memorial Hospital is committed to helping our community become one of the healthiest in the nation. Creating a healthier community means helping people stay well by educating them on important topics, providing the means to adopt healthier lifestyle choices and removing barriers to ensure access to adequate health care. Memorial has many established community outreach programs and also provides a significant amount of traditional charity care for patients who cannot afford health services. In addition, Memorial also has a unique community health program. The hospital allocates (or tithes) over a million dollars annually from excess revenues to help local organizations develop innovative programs that address a wide range of community health issues.

Some of the community health projects of Memorial are:

  • African American Women in Touch
  • Beds and Britches Etc. (B.A.B.E.)
  • BrainWorks
  • Center for the Homeless Clinic
  • Congregational Nursing Program
  • Early Childhood Services
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Health Access Programs
  • Language & Latino Outreach Service
  • Lead Poisoning Abatement Program
  • Living with Sickle Cell
  • Master Home Environmentalist Program
  • Memorial Leighton Center for Senior Health
  • Michiana Diversity Leadership Initiative
  • Office of Minority Health
  • School-Based Health Programs
  • Southeast Neighborhood Clinic
  • Spirit of Women
  • Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
  • Youth Services Partnerships

Other programs that Memorial offers to help promote wellness in our community include:

  • PATH Wellness Program for all Memorial Team Members
  • WOW! Wizard School
  • Health & Lifestyle Fitness Center
  • Health Discovery Center
  • HealthWorks! Kids' Health Museum
  • Annual Sunburst Races
  • Employee community outreach projects
  • Volunteer Physician Network

The Family Medicine Residency Program at Memorial Hospital is also actively involved in community outreach programs, often working closely with our clinic population to help make a healthy difference in their lives. Some of the projects include:


  • Patient education classes offered at the E. Blair Warner Family Medicine Center, including prenatal, parenting, smoking cessation and adolescent obesity
  • Financial assistance program at the Family Medicine Center including a sliding scale fee program
  • Prostate, breast, cervical and skin screening programs
  • Pre-participation sports physicals for community school children
  • Team Physician coverage for local high schools and colleges
  • School education programs on health-related topics
  • Tar Wars

Memorial is committed to embracing the diversity of our community and to strengthening the relationships within our community to help make South Bend a healthy place to live!