Child Life Wish List

Thank you for generously supporting our Child Life Program. Many of the items listed here will be given directly to children as a holiday gift, for their birthday when celebrated while hospitalized, or to highlight a patient's special achievement. Items listed with a star "*" indicate our supplies are extremely low.

To help make the drop-off of donations as simple as possible, you are welcome to utilize our Memorial Hospital Valet Service. Either allow them to park your car (free of charge) while you make your delivery, or simply use the valet as a "drive thru" and they will accept your gift on our behalf and notify us to come pick it up. Your gifts will be safely stored in our hospital security office prior to their final destination in pediatrics.

We sincerely appreciate your care and concern for the infants, children and teens who are hospitalized here at Memorial Children's Hospital. Please include your name, address and phone number with your delivery so that we can appropriately thank you and record your donation.

Please contact Tracy Byler, Child Life Specialist/Coordinator, at 574-647-6332 or, if you have any questions, or want to arrange the date, time and place for your delivery.

Toy needs for all ages

Special note: We are currently accepting the small bilingual books that come free in boxes of Cheerios™; these are wonderful for our patients as they encourage reading and learning in both English and Spanish.

Many of these items will be added to our current playroom toys. They will be used by hospitalized children, sanitized, and then used again:

  • Infant development
    • Fisher Price Rock N' Play Sleeper
    • Teething rings
    • Rattles
    • Baby mirrors
    • Mobiles (no fabric)
  • Infant/Toddler toys such as:
    • Play piano
    • Pop-up Pals™
    • Play phones
    • Shape sorters
    • Lights and sounds toys
    • Bouncy seat - not fabric, only plastic or vinyl please
    • Infant swing - not fabric, only plastic or vinyl please
    • Doctor/medical kits
  • *Popular characters and action figures. Some of their favorites are:
    • Elmo™
    • *Dora™
    • Spiderman™
    • Batman™
    • Superman, Hulk, Sesame Street, others
  • *Trains and Cars
    • *Thomas the Train™ (any Thomas™ brand trains for our wooden track)
    • Match Box™ Cars
  • Barbie™
    • All nationalities
    • Males and females of all ages
    • **Clothing and accessories for the dolls
  • Miscellaneous toys such as:
    • Magnadoodle™
    • **Lego's Duplo™ Blocks
    • Doctor/medical kits
    • Little People™ characters and animals, sold in sets of three
    • Baby Doll Clothing
  • Interactive games
    • Fooseball or air hockey table
    • *X-Box 360™, Playstation 2™, and Game Cube™ games for youths or teens (but not "T", "M" or "A" rating); sports themes are especially popular.
    • *Leap Frog™ products
  • *Card and Board Games
    • Word search and Sudoku puzzle books
    • Puzzles - 3 - 15 wooden piece, and 24 - 100 piece
    • Decks of cards
    • UNO™
    • Games for all ages
  • Popular Media/Entertainment (no R-rated DVDs or adult themed CDs, please). Some patient favorites are:
    • Dora™
    • Elmo™
    • Scooby Doo™
    • Disney™
    • New releases and classics
    • Music CDs for older children
    • Beginner Books (pop-up, I-Spy™, musical)

Craft needs

Craft supplies are used by patients during their hospitalization. Some are not possible to clean, sanitize or refill so our supply is depleted more quickly than with reusable products.

  • General supplies for the children:
    • *Kid size/small scissors
    • *Small bottles Elmer's™ glue
    • *Paint (Acrylic, Tempera, Finger, Watercolor, etc.)
    • *Paint brushes
    • Colored pencils, markers, crayons
    • Coloring books, construction paper
    • Velvet fuzzy posters to color
    • Small containers of Play-doh™
    • *All-in-one craft kits, supplies included
    • Dish soap, aromatherapy scent
    • Shaving cream
    • Corn starch
    • Beads, glitter, chenille stems, sequins, feathers, popsicle sticks, stickers, etc.
    • No-spill bubbles

Program needs

Many of these are used generally by the Child Life Unit either outside the playroom or to prepare for activities.

  • Digital camera and memory card (Contact Child Life if you need more information.)
  • Aromatherapy oils - citrus, spearmint, eucalyptus, floral, lavender, etc.
  • Journals
  • Scrapbooks/supplies
  • Little Tikes™ deluxe cozy convertible car
  • Whisper Ride™ buggy
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Blankets - for infants, youths, and teens (Instructions for a No-Sew Fleece Blanket)

Due to our infection control standards, all stuffed animals or toys made of fabric need to be brand new.