Labor Support Doula

A Doula (doo-luh) is a labor support professional who provides childbearing families with emotional and physical support during labor, delivery and early postpartum. Pregnancy and childbirth are major life events that many women approach with enthusiasm as well as a little fear of the unknown. Historically, a woman had another woman or group of women around her who could answer her questions and calm her fears. Today, a Doula can come along side a family and help them have the birth experience they desire.

For more information on Doulas, contact DONA International at

To assure high quality Doula services in our community, Memorial Hospital hosts annual Doula Training Workshops through DONA International. If you are interested in becoming a Doula or would like to consider hiring a doula for your own birth, you may contact Amy Murray at 574-647-7511 or

Memorial Hospital offers our Spanish-speaking population trained language interpreters who are also skilled in labor support and are certified Doulas. For more information, call Language Services at 574-647-6796.