Physician Team

Physician Team

Medical Oncologist specializes in cancer treatment. A medical oncologist prescribes a patient's course of chemotherapy and monitors response to therapy. 

Radiation Oncologist specializes in cancer treatment utilizing ionizing radiation. A radiation oncologist develops, oversees and monitors you during your radiation treatments.

Surgeons work in tandem with oncologists to biopsy, remove cancers and provide reconstructive surgery if needed.

Gynecological Surgeons specialize in cancer surgery for female gynecological cancers.

Plastic Surgeons are an essential part of the cancer team. Plastic surgeons are able to perform surgery that will help diminish the effects of cancer surgery or treatment. 

Interventional Radiologists specialize in minimally invasive treatments targeting cancer, using imaging for guidance. They collaborate closely with the patient's primary care physicians and oncologists to ensure the patient receives the best possible treatment.

Radiologists "read" or interpret diagnostic tests, such as CAT scans, MRI and PET scan. The Radiologist then reports the findings to the patient's primary care physician or oncologist. Radiologists are crucial in the proper diagnosis of cancer.

Pathologists receive the biopsy or tissue specimens to examine under the microscope. They use special dyes or stains to accurately detect cancer cells under high powered magnification. Pathologists provide vital information for the oncologists to help determine a patient's course of treatment.