Nurses and Professionals


Nurse practitioners work with your doctors to diagnose and treat illness, perform physical exams, offer preventive care, prescribe medication and educate you about your illness and treatment.

Oncology Nurses specialize in the care of cancer patients and educate patients and families. Some further specialize in infusion, radiation therapy or other areas of cancer treatment.

Certified Ostomy Nurse works with new ostomy patients before and after surgery, teaching both the patient and family on managing their ostomy. The nurse is also available to evaluate and manage ostomy problems and refit them as needed in an outpatient setting. 

Professional Support

Radiation Therapists deliver radiation treatments under the direct supervision of the Radiation Oncologist.

Physicists/Dosimetrists work with Radiation Oncologist to develop radiation treatment plan and perform essential QA  and calibration on radiation equipment. 

Pharmacists prepare and dispense your medications and chemotherapy.

Surgical Team prep patient and assist surgeon before, during and after surgery.

Clinical Dietitians provide nutritional support for patients from treatment to survival, helping you choose foods and plan meals designed to aid your comfort, recovery and overall health.

Research team is available for those patients who are eligible and participate in clinical trials. The staff consists of a director, nurses and research data analysts who are overseen by a physician in a medical director role.

Speech Therapists provide direct assistance to patients with head and neck cancer or other cancers affecting the mouth or throat. Speech therapists help with chewing, swallowing or speech difficulties before, during or after cancer treatments. 

Physical and Occupational Therapists assist you with physical difficulties that may result from your illness and/or its treatments, as well as help strengthen gross and fine motor skills.

Other members of your team

Complementary service practitioners may improve your quality of life and help with symptom management through massage, acupuncture, Pilates and/or other mind/body therapies.

Chaplains offer spiritual support to patients and families of all faiths, as well as those who are not religious.