Advanced Treatment Technology

Linear Accelerators

Memorial is committed to state-of-the-art cancer care. This is evident in the advanced treatment equipment located in the Radiation Oncology Center. In 2006, Memorial purchased the Trilogy linear accelerator. To this day, the Trilogy remains the most advanced linear accelerator on the market. The Trilogy has dual-image guidance capabilities: taking diagnostic quality x-rays or acquiring a CT scan from robotic arms extending from the machine - thereby giving the therapist or physician "real-time" positioning images. This precision allows the physician to encompass a smaller area of margin around the tumor, sparing healthy tissues. Trilogy also has stereotactic capabilities - radiation which can be delivered with pinpoint accuracy. 

Memorial's two linear accelerators have portal (digital) imaging and multi-leaf collimators.  These contribute to valued speed, efficiency and accuracy for our patients' daily treatments. 

CT Simulator

In 2006, Memorial also acquired the GE wide-bore Lightspeed CT Simulator. This new simulator vastly reduced the amount of time patients were needed to lay on the planning table during simulation. What used to take 60-90 minutes, now takes 15 minutes. Once the images are acquired on the CT, the patient is free to go. Then the physician can spend quality, unhurried time working on treatment planning.