Cancer Surgery

Recent studies have documented that there is an important correlation between the volume (number of cases) that a hospital does and successful outcomes. More cancer surgery is done here at Memorial than anywhere else in the region. This includes complex procedures, such as pulmonary resections, neurosurgical procedures, complex intestinal surgery, head and neck cancer surgery and da Vinci procedures. Successful outcomes depend on the full range of surgical support systems, including not only specialty trained surgeons, but also quality and highly trained anesthesia and operating room staff, pre- and postoperative care, intensive care facilities, imaging (x-ray) and invasive radiology services and an administration that remains fully committed to providing cancer patients all the necessary resources.

Memorial Hospital operates one of the most technologically advanced surgical centers in the country.

A $90-million dollar construction project completed in 2009 ushered in a new era for Memorials 19 surgical suites. The larger, high tech rooms can accommodate ever changing technology and future growth. On any given day at Memorial, the schedule might include open heart, pulmonary, endovascular, neurosurgical, joint replacement, da Vinci, plastic reconstructive, trauma and pediatric procedures, to name just a few, in addition to the full range of surgery for cancer. With a staff of more than 100 surgeons, 350 surgical services staff and 24 anesthesiologists, Memorial performs more complex and routine surgeries than any other facility in our region.

Each of our surgical suites provide:

  • Air exchanges and filtration systems that exceed national standards to assist in infection prevention
  • Temperature and humidity control technology to provide comfort for our patients and physicians and reduce infection
  • State-of-the-art anesthesia, monitoring and safety systems
  • Ability to electronically access x-rays, CT and MRI studies to assist in precise treatment for patients
  • Instantaneous access to lab for intraoperative testing and results

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