Nutrition is an important part of your treatment and also plays a role in your health as a survivor. Our registered dietitians specialize in cancer-specific nutritional therapy. They provide comprehensive nutritional therapy before, during and after treatment, lead educational programs and offer individual consultations. Working with you and other caregivers, they customize their recommendations to help you manage treatment-related side effects such as nausea, vomiting, taste changes and bowel irregularities, and also have special training in integrative therapies.

To ask about seeing a dietitian while on an outpatient basis, speak with the practice coordinator in your clinic. If you are hospitalized, registered dietitians will visit you to check on your needs, and a diet technician will discuss meal options with you when you arrive. In addition to meals, you will be offered a variety of nutritious snacks. If you have had surgery, our nutrition experts will choose your first few meals. Later, you can select your own foods from a menu a day ahead. If your doctor requests a certain diet for you, a nutritionist will help you select the right foods. Kosher, vegetarian and pureed meals are available.

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